Custom Apparel Manufacturers Equipped With The Latest Customization Techniques

With the experience of catering to over 3,000 brands, Zega Apparel offers you the lowest minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per color and design. Operating as a proud and one of the best sweatshop-free private label apparel manufacturers with years of experience, we offer unwavering assistance for clothing brands and startups.

As the ideal choice for clothing manufacturers for small businesses, you receive flawless manufacturing and branding services from us. We are one of the finest custom apparel manufacturers that offer seamless user experience and unrestrained support throughout the process.


Promotional Apparel

Custom printed business apparel and promotional clothing for your work teams to represent themselves in expos and tradeshows. choose from a wide range of apparel goods to have your company logos, taglines, and messages idolized.

Cut And Sew Manufacturing

The finest cut and sew craftsmanship at your disposal. You are able to dictate the creation of your desired article from scratch. From fabric selection to the finishing touches of your final product. all under one roof.

Casual Wear Manufacturing

Acquire full creative supremacy for your design as we deliver comfortable and stylish clothing products. Our skilled Fashion Designers assist you throughout the process to keep your casual wear functional and alluring for the masses.

All Over Sublimation Printing

Ensuring lossless full-color garments. you can craft a unique line of clothing that is larger then life and stunning with our sublimation printing services. A wide array of sublimation printing services are available

All Over & Regular Screen Printing

We are offering you state-of-the-art branding services. Our all-over screen printing facility provides you with high-quality results at low prices. Achieve supreme quality all-over prints for an exclusive collection of apparel goods and garments

Custom Embroidery

Decorate your apparel products with our custom embroidery services. We offer you a fast and reliable facility that delivers top quality goods from embroidery digitizing services to hand-made apparel undertakings.

Uniform Manufacturing

pursue your very own line of business uniforms with all the customization options we offer to make them stand out and deliver a power statement for your brand. Acquire corporate apparel that makes a loud entrance.

Active Fitness Wear & Sports Apparel

Athleisure done right. we offer you the technical expertise to create high performance activewear and sportswear for all of your sporting needs. In addition, through intelligent designs, we resolve all fitness-based clothing issues.

Toddler/Youth Custom Apparel

Obtain high-quality custom apparel and clothing for toddler to teenagers. Make your brand dominate against traditional custom apparel manufacturing services that keep your young audiences looking dapper.

Zega Apparel Customer Success Story

Mr. Busch Started his journey with us back in 2017 and placed an order for then minimum ordering quantity of 30 pieces. After receiving a great response on his Kickstarter campaign and boosting ABC’s Shark Tank, he never even looked back. Zega Apparel has been a proud partner of DudeRobe Apparel and is the direct manufacturer of their amazing product.

You too can start today for as low as 50 pieces per color and design for your dream project, and we will not only manufacture your custom apparel but also help you build your brand from a custom clothing start-up to a full-fledged, ready-to-sell clothing brand.

You can check out more of the Zega Apparel reviews and success stories from our clothing partners and get a quote today.

The Best Custom Clothing Manufacturers in USA for Startups

When it comes to finding the perfect custom clothing in USA, Zega Apparel offers a terrific range of customization options leaving little to the imagination. As a result, startups can take a moment to breathe and plan a long-term relationship backed by the reliability and completely trustworthy service that provides them with tremendous resolutions. Take our Custom Made T-Shirts, for example, that resonates with top-notch quality that is not only hard to compare but even more difficult to supersede by competitors. You will find our facilities operating at lightning-fast speeds while ensuring that the quality of products never dwindles even by a nanometer. To customize your clothing according to your request, we make sure that your orders are always prioritized and that you receive a superb customer experience. Our team of trained professionals is always ready to attend to your queries. As one of the best custom clothing makers, we warranty that all your perquisites and requirements are taken care of without delays.

Dedicated High-Quality Clothing Manufacturer for Brands

We stay committed to all of our endeavors, and to carry out our operations, we deploy a devoted team of professionals along with a specialized factory. Hence, when brands require apparel manufacturing services, we can provide them with resolute solutions that cater to their every pain point. In the end, you receive a service imbued with numerous competencies, including cost-saving, fluent communications, and character in every ounce of work that we produce for you. Their proficiencies often grade custom clothes manufacturers in handling concerns regarding the quality of a product. We completely understand the case of accountability that can make brands apprehensive of our actions. To remove their anxieties, we provide them with a service that is supported by our know-how to manage a wide assortment of product types and target markets. Therefore you get to work with a service that keeps not only ethical and regulatory compliance in check but also performs comprehensive record-keeping to track continuous improvement proactively. Check out our Custom Made Shorts and see for yourself.

Top Pick amongst USA Clothing Manufacturers

If you are in search of the best clothing manufacturers in USA, then look no further. Zega Apparel offers you a hands-on team that is highly involved in our day-to-day proceedings. You are always in the know and regularly updated regarding the status of your orders. Apart from following best practices, we consistently aspire to achieve greater success. Our Custom Sweat Shirts are a great example. Regarded amidst highly valued American clothing manufacturers, we provide you with in-house expertise supported by our complete and operational infrastructure. We do it all for you by ourselves. This includes but is not limited to: developing concepts, creating tech packs, organizing cut sheets, and deliver astonishing samples. Once we garnish your approval, your sanctioned articles are moved to bulk production accompanied by stringent quality control measures.

Custom Clothing Vendors That Cater To All of Your Needs

Finding the right custom clothing suppliers can be a tedious process. However, we break the hunt down by offering you a thorough step by step guide. With us, you can let your imagination roam free while we help you capitalize on them and provide their viability for your current market. Take a look at our Custom Printing facility to see what we are talking about. In order to provide fashionable and trendy custom-made clothing, our specialists evaluate all of the details and embellishments required to deliver your final product. With our vertically integrated manufacturing process, you receive full control and visibility of the entire process. So let’s talk today, and you will never need to search for custom design clothing manufacturers ever again.


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Zega Apparel is one of the leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing companies for the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and Canada, providing a low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 Pcs per design. In the last 7 years, we have provided Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Printing and Embroidery services to over 8,500 clothing brands worldwide, including various T Shirt Manufacturers in the USA as well. Most of them started their first order with us and have now grown into becoming great clothing manufacturers brands within their country.

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